First off, I'm not sure if we ever shared this, but back in September, we switched from Peru to the Colombia program. Peru elected a new president in July 2016 and lot of changes happened within their government and they ended up temporarily suspending international adoptions. With an indefinite suspension, we were encouraged by our agency to switch countries and luckily could easily still do so at that point in time. The Peru and Colombia programs have a lot of similarities so it wasn't a huge change for us and we are excited to be moving forward with the program! 

We are pretty much done with the "paper" portion of our home study! It just had to be amended to reflect my pregnancy in order to be 100% accurate. So we are basically just waiting for our social worker here in Alaska to update it and then we can check that off the list! It will later be updated after the baby arrives/ after we move. Being a military family who will make two more moves within the next two years makes our situation a little more complicated, but definitely not impossible! I'm confident that the timing will work itself out perfectly. 

Meanwhile, we still have a good bit of home study education / training to complete. While we have already finished our 12 hours of NCFA Hague online training (required for international adoptions), we still have to finish education requirements from Lifeline which include reading a book called "The Connected Child, " reading through US state department country-specific information and other educational reading for specific special needs our child may have. We have a goal to plan to get it all done well before the baby arrives in early May! 

I keep thinking about how crazy it is that I have a baby growing inside of me right this moment AND a child that will that's been born/will be born on a whole different continent and they will both be my children. It's hard to fathom. We are in such a unique spot walking through these two things at the same time and I'm happy and content with the timing of it all. When we pick up our Colombian child (whenever that will be) I know there will still be plenty of challenges we have never faced, but we will have the foundation of already experiencing parenthood, which provides me some relief! Our world is about to be rocked. Rocked in the best way possible. I'm pumped to watch our family expand and to experience a joy in my heart that has never been felt before.