Here We Go

Writing a blog is intimidating.

 I've never done this before. I am just a 25 year old woman navigating through life while trying to grow and learn along the way.

So why even blog? With our adoption plans, I feel called to share our journey along the way with as much transparency and vulnerability as possible. Maybe you'll never adopt in your life. Maybe you will. In any case, we want to maintain this blog in order to keep our families and friends updated on our adoption process and to encourage strangers who come across our blog that are considering adoption or may already be in the process. 

I am going to force myself to be myself, which is a tricky thing to do sometimes in a world where it's easy to be a chameleon. But, I want to be the same "Elizabeth" everywhere and write with integrity and sincerity. These days social media is regarded as a highlight reel, but that's not real life. Not even close. I am definitely not a perfect person who has it all figured out. In fact, I am the exact opposite of that. I am guilty of wanting to live a comfortable and easy life... but I think that's a main part of what attracted Chris and me to adoption. It's scary and there's a ton of unknowns, but it's a clear, sure fire way to live out the Gospel and we are overjoyed that God has placed it on our hearts. 

So stick around if I've managed to catch your curiosity. This blog won't be some serious, formal thing...that's just not my personality. It also probably won't be only about adoption...there's only so much to say about paperwork. It may end up being all over the place, but it will be as real as possible!

**Disclaimer: My writing is not perfect. I am more concerned with keepin' it real and less concerned with grammatical errors and proper punctuation**